Welcome, My Son, To The Machine. – Or, the insanely disorganized collection of the rabbits running through my mind like the one Alice chased down to Wonderland.

What you will find here, is yet to be determined. I am writing this as I’m just entering into the ‘blogosphere’, but I really see this site as a ‘cloud’ for my brain dump of whatever rabbit has me writing at that particular moment. So, it’ll probably look like the eclectic, insane musings of a mad man to the average mortal, and maybe even provide some useful stuff to said mortal. It’s kind of like that meme where one talks about opening their mouth and also being amused and amazed at what comes out of it.

I do love to laugh, and I find sarcasm to be one of the grander forms of humor. Hence, that will probably be intertwined ad nauseum through the things I choose to put up on this site, and inserted where it can be forced in, probably without regard to the responsibility of placing things in their most appropriate places.

Political correctness is the diseased form of ‘good taste’, and it may turn out to be aggressively derided with all of the other socially acceptable good graces.  I hope you have fun being here, and if you’re offended by something, it’s probably smart to walk away rather than wasting your time trying to communicate that to me. You being offended isn’t likely to be my intent, and your reaction is definitely a matter of choice. Please choose wisely.

Peace, Blessings and Good Vibes to You!