What to say here… What about all of this? What about me, about this site, and beyond?

I see a lot of blogs where people sharing their experiences. I think that is great! I have found a few that I follow when I find the time. I have never thought that I would be a writer but the last two years of college to finally acquire a bachelor of science degree has required me to become one at some level. The lesser-disciplined inner nerd from before then had less of an idea of what a personal blog should be. Communication seems like it should have purpose. My intent is to share along with documenting for me what I want remember that I fear I will forget. If this somehow also benefits you, I am happy to have been at your service in some way. Having things in an easy to reach place seems to be practical. As time progresses, seeing what develops may be interesting in its own right.

The idea for me to do this stemmed from wishing I had better organization around my eclectic collection of information gathered through the years across my broad range of interests. As Alzheimer’s was the long cognitive degenerative component resulting in the death of a grandparent, it is not lost on me that I could suffer a similar fate. Regardless of how or why, it seems that if I can dump and attempt to organize some that collected information here, that it will exist somewhere where I can find it. This seems important as I begin to forget things that were in the forefront of thought long ago. The sponge seems to have reached saturation, and old information has been displaced for new as a result of my recent adventures in education. It is no longer a matter of being an introverted geek stopping me from doing this. I am compelled at some level.

What you will find here is the Messy Marvin version of the engineer’s notebook. Disjointed chunks of this and that indicative of the spaghetti mind map that is apparently how I am wired. From the humanities side of the brain is photography. Yet, photography is also a technical discipline is recognized and seen as such. The cameras and the tools enable the art, despite what the nineteenth century French artist Charles Baudelaire and his friends thought of the photography as an art. So, it will be messy at best. Come see the naked insanity that I claim to be as I share it here.

If you find something useful here to you, I am glad that I could be of assistance. If you did not, I hope things were concise enough to prevent consuming too much of your time. In all cases, I hope you will find no reason to hold me in ill regard.

Here is a toast to the journey; may it be all that we hoped, and then some.

Me – 16 April 2021